Peter Grimes – Italy

“The cast, excellently chosen, is led by David Barrell…Gifted with a fine bright timbre which is completely secure in the upper register, no interpretive suggestion was overlooked; he executed smorzati, mezzevoci, forti and piani in turn, his style and manner also technically distinguished…all the cathartic moments in the score, from the solo “Now the Great Bear and Pleiades” to the dramatic close of the second act, showed a stylistic perfection much to be admired.”                                


“An ideal Grimes…in turn obsessive, violent and poetic…Musically he is the best of an excellent cast.”                       

Gazetta di Modena

“confidently sung, strongly acted…excellent, particularly in his moving final scene.”

Il Manifesto

“The strong cast lead by David Barrell in the title role…convincingly acted and sung with profound feeling…”               

 Il Resto del Carlino

“…There was no roughness, however in David Barrell’s Peter, sung with a flawless English style, while never lacking vocal power.”

Gazetta di Parma